aureservoir::DelayLine< T > Class Template Reference

#include <delaysum.h>

template<typename T>
class aureservoir::DelayLine< T >

Public Member Functions

 DelayLine ()
virtual ~DelayLine ()
const DelayLineoperator= (const DelayLine< T > &src)
class DelayLine
void initBuffer (const typename DEVector< T >::Type &initbuf)
tic (T sample)

Data Fields

DEVector< T >::Type buffer_
long readpt_
long delay_

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

template<typename T>
aureservoir::DelayLine< T >::DelayLine (  )  [inline]

template<typename T>
virtual aureservoir::DelayLine< T >::~DelayLine (  )  [inline, virtual]

Member Function Documentation

template<typename T>
void aureservoir::DelayLine< T >::initBuffer ( const typename DEVector< T >::Type &  initbuf  )  [inline]

allocates the delay line

initbuf are the initial values of the delayline the delay is the size of this vector if this vector is uninitialized the delay is 0

template<typename T>
T aureservoir::DelayLine< T >::tic ( sample  )  [inline]

perform one step of the delay line

sample will be stored in ringbuffer and
delayed sample

template<typename T>
const DelayLine& aureservoir::DelayLine< T >::operator= ( const DelayLine< T > &  src  )  [inline]

assignment operator

Field Documentation

template<typename T>
DEVector<T>::Type aureservoir::DelayLine< T >::buffer_

ringbuffer for the delay line

template<typename T>
long aureservoir::DelayLine< T >::readpt_

current readpointer in ringbuffer

template<typename T>
long aureservoir::DelayLine< T >::delay_

the delay of this delay line

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