aureservoir Data Structures

Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
aureservoir::BPFilter< T >Simple bandpass filter based on an exponential moving average
aureservoir::CalcDelay< T >Template class for delay calculation
aureservoir::CDEVector< T >Typedef trait class of a complex dense vector with type T
aureservoir::DelayLine< T >Template class for a signal delay line
aureservoir::DEMatrix< T >Typedef trait class of a real dense matrix with type T
aureservoir::DEVector< T >Typedef trait class of a real dense vector with type T
aureservoir::ESN< T >Class for a basic Echo State Network
aureservoir::IIRFilter< T >General IIR filter implemented in transposed direct form 2
aureservoir::InitBase< T >Abstract base class for initialization algorithms
aureservoir::InitStd< T >Standard initialization as described in Jaeger's initial paper
aureservoir::Rand< T >Template class for random number generation
aureservoir::SerialIIRFilter< T >Serie of IIR Filters
aureservoir::SimBase< T >Abstract base class for simulation algorithms
aureservoir::SimBP< T >Algorithm with bandpass style neurons as in Wustlich and Siewert
aureservoir::SimFilter< T >Algorithm with general IIR-Filter neurons
aureservoir::SimFilter2< T >Algorithm with IIR-Filter before neuron nonlinearity
aureservoir::SimFilterDS< T >IIR-Filter neurons with additional delay&sum readout
aureservoir::SimLI< T >Algorithm with leaky integrator neurons
aureservoir::SimSquare< T >Algorithm with additional squared state updates
aureservoir::SimStd< T >Standard simulation algorithm as in Jaeger's initial paper
aureservoir::SPMatrix< T >Typedef trait class of a real sparse matrix with type T
aureservoir::TrainBase< T >Abstract base class for training algorithms
aureservoir::TrainDSPI< T >Offline algorithm for delay&sum readout with PI
aureservoir::TrainLS< T >Offline trainig algorithm using the least square solution
aureservoir::TrainPI< T >Offline trainig algorithm using the pseudo inverse
aureservoir::TrainRidgeReg< T >Offline algorithm with Ridge Regression / Tikhonov Regularization

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