aureservoir::SerialIIRFilter< T > Class Template Reference

#include <filter.h>

Detailed Description

template<typename T>
class aureservoir::SerialIIRFilter< T >

This class stacks IIR filters in serie, which is often numerically more stable.
See also:
class IIR Filter

Public Member Functions

 SerialIIRFilter ()
virtual ~SerialIIRFilter ()
const SerialIIRFilteroperator= (const IIRFilter< T > &src)
class SerialIIRFilter Implementation
void setIIRCoeff (const typename DEMatrix< T >::Type &B, const typename DEMatrix< T >::Type &A, int series=1) throw (AUExcept)
void calc (typename DEVector< T >::Type &x)

Protected Attributes

< IIRFilter< T > > 

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

template<typename T>
aureservoir::SerialIIRFilter< T >::SerialIIRFilter (  )  [inline]


template<typename T>
virtual aureservoir::SerialIIRFilter< T >::~SerialIIRFilter (  )  [inline, virtual]


Member Function Documentation

template<typename T>
const SerialIIRFilter& aureservoir::SerialIIRFilter< T >::operator= ( const IIRFilter< T > &  src  )  [inline]

assignment operator

template<typename T>
void aureservoir::SerialIIRFilter< T >::setIIRCoeff ( const typename DEMatrix< T >::Type &  B,
const typename DEMatrix< T >::Type &  A,
int  series = 1 
) throw (AUExcept) [inline]

sets the filter coefficients

B matrix with numerator coefficient vectors (m x nb) m ... nr of parallel filters (neurons) nb ... nr of filter coefficients
A matrix with denominator coefficient vectors (m x na) m ... nr of parallel filters (neurons) na ... nr of filter coefficients
seris nr of serial IIR filters, e.g. if series=2 the coefficients B and A will be divided in its half and calculated with 2 serial IIR filters

template<typename T>
void aureservoir::SerialIIRFilter< T >::calc ( typename DEVector< T >::Type &  x  )  [inline]

calculates one filter step on each element of x and writes the result back to x

Field Documentation

template<typename T>
std::vector< IIRFilter<T> > aureservoir::SerialIIRFilter< T >::filters_ [protected]

the single filters

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